zondag 23 januari 2022

Serial number or frame number?

Frame numbers on the screwed & glued bracket and Alan, 
food for the other Alan, Turing if he was still alive.
I took some Alan-frames and made pictures of the numbers under the bottom bracket, the rear dropout and, if available, of the date-numbering on the seat tube. When it's not readable anymore I noted a point. 
At first you'll see a picture of the complete frame.

alan competition, first generation, 1972/1973


alan competition, first generation, 1972/1973


alan competition, second generation, 1973/1974


alan super record

alan super record


alan super record, ovalized top tube, january 1983



alan-guerciotti super record cx, ovalized top tube, june 1983


alan super record cx, ovalized top tube, december 1985



alan corsa super alu ls, june 1995


Far as I see,
there's no correlation between the number under the bracket and the age of the frame,
frame number is not the same as serial number.
But maybe there's someone much smarter than the writer of this.
Until than there's the Classic Alan Guide from Piero Zanini, 

check the web for the latest version.
And of course from the end of 1979 the numbering on the seat tube.

Please note,
this is in English because most people cannot read Dutch.

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