vrijdag 17 juli 2015


'Bom dia, Padre ...'
'Eh ..., boa tarde.'
'Shit, weer verkeerd ,,, ai, wat doe ik nou? Sorry Padre, my name is Fabio. Hollanduese. My Portuguese is terriblo.'
'No problem my son, Padre speaks English very well. Are you on the Camino my son?'
'Thank God, oh sorry Father, I'm glad you speak English and yes, Fabio is on the Camino Portuguese.'
'Ofcourse my son, otherwise you would'nt be here. But tell me, what do you want to tell Padre?'
'Now, it sits so, I walk the whole day, go into every open church, light electric candles with money ...'
'And pray a little, I hope ...'
'Also that Padre, but what I want to say, I know I have to suffer but I miss my bike so. '
'That's it? One Our Father, three Hail Marys and an extra walk to Fatima. Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis in nomine Patris et Filli et Spritus Sancti. And don't forget to light some candles.'
'Fuck! Ai, wat zeg ik nou weer, si Padre, obrigado Padre, amen.'

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  1. Gelukkig is er nog De Eerste Enige Echte Rooms-Katholieke Nederlandse Wieler Blog om je wat op te beuren.