woensdag 16 januari 2013


"Holy shit. Don't you priests haven't any light here? And a descent chair? My knees are not made for this."
"Eh ... holy ....? ..... Good day dear son. You want to confess?"
"What the fuck? Me? I 'm supposed to confess? Who do you priests think you are? I know Fabio talked here. He talked too much. Jesus! Let there be light inhere. I wanna see your ugly face when I talk to you!"
"Mr ... eh? It looks like you want to hear what Fabio told. We priests have the duty of a confession secret."
"What? You motherfucker! When I want you to talk, you talk! Bloody asshole!"
"May I ask you to clean your language in the presence of the Lord, sir?"
"Go fuck yourself in hell. I don't see anyone."
"I have to ask you to leave this church. And some prayers would'nt be wrong for you."
"Go fuck a duck. And Fabio. I sue you and that lord overthere ... I think I'm gonna make some money with confessions. Amen."

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